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Custom made, high quality furniture

Seatware Haus® is a sofa manufacturer in Singapore that delivers custom made, high quality furniture.

Our team of professional designers, fabric specialists and experienced craftsmen ensure that the entire production process is undertaken with care and high quality assurance checks – from conception of idea to the final stages of production.

From scratch (or even sketch), every part of the furniture is hand made in Singapore and individually upholstered to the very last stitch. From the cutting of fabrics to application and sewing, followed by upholstery, every stage is done manually. With a wide variety of choice in colours and fabric, the quality in finishes and details of Seatware Haus’ furniture is unrivalled. Customers’ satisfaction is guaranteed.

We produce in compliance to Green Environmental Management System (EMS) under ISO 14001:2004.

Seateware Haus about quality furniture
Seatware Haus About Flip sofa


/siːt wɛː/  (noun)

a collective noun we’ve invented, to represent all
sorts of sofas and chairs.


/haʊs/  (suffix)

a suffix from the famous modern design
movement called ‘bauhaus’.

SeatwareHaus® - a fusion of the above

Together, our brand name represents our dedication to design movement in the soft furnishing industry. Quality designed seatware is our passion and calling – we seek to be a solution provider for designers and architects when it comes to customisation needs for their projects (both corporate and commercial). We pride ourselves on being able to deliver custom furniture that matches and satisfies our clients’ specifications, qualities and deadlines.

Our Process

We are committed to the craftsmanship of quality designed seatware. We pride ourselves for being the go-to manufacturer for designers, architects, business professionals and home owners looking for custom furniture solutions. Every project is different with its own set of unique challenges, but we have established some basic steps in our production process:

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Technical Specifications

The designer will provide the technical specs (surface finish, material specification, etc.) and drawings of the product to be custom-made. Although not compulsory, additional materials/information such as photographs or actual samples of the furniture parts and soft copies of the product drawings will help to expedite this step and reduce manufacturing time.

Seatware Haus about process 2


Quotation and Prototype

The client will receive a quotation for the production of a prototype and tooling. In some special cases, a minimum order quantity will also be required.


Seatware Haus about process 2
Seatware Haus about process 3


Drop by Visitations

Clients are welcomed to drop by our factory to view the prototype. At this stage of the production process, request for amendments are to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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Seatware Haus about process 4


Project Completion

Projects will be completed within 3 weeks from confirmation of prototype. The completed product/products will then be delivered to site.

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Other Information

For all projects, the estimated production time ranges from 3-6 weeks (depending on order quantity).

For export projects: Upon loading of the finished furniture products to the specified container, the client/client’s appointed transport company will be responsible for all customs clearance and in-land transportation from this point onwards. Please contact us if you have more enquiries on this matter.

Our Services

Making quality designed seatware is our calling. We pride ourselves for being the goto manufacturer for designers, architects, business professionals and home owners looking for custom furniture solutions. Check out our solution library with products that have satisfied many clients’ requirements and needs.

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Bespoke Furniture

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind furniture for your home or office, we would be glad to provide you with the services and means to design and build your very own custom-made furniture piece! Have something in mind? Show it to us now and we can customize it according to your preference!

Seatware Haus about seatware solution provider

Seatware Solution Provider & Consultation

If you have a furniture-related problem that you need help with – Are your office tables too bulky and not efficient for work huddles? Are your chairs too stiff and sofas too worn out from high traffic usage? We can help solve your problem with creative custom furniture solutions! Write to us today and find out more about our services.

Seatware Haus about seatware solution provider
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Do you have an old piece of furniture that you love but is need of a little tender loving care? Or a designer piece that needs refurbishing and reupholstery?? We have worked on many high-end furniture pieces and restored them to their former glory! Contact us to find out how we can give your old furniture a new lease of life.

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