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Seatware Haus Testimonials Molly

I really liked the good workmanship, texture, fabric design and color of the armchair that I customized with Seatwarehaus! It complements my furniture perfectly. It not only looks good, but is comfortable too. Definitely recommend to anyone who is considering of owning a unique piece of furniture!


Seatware Haus Testimonials Janet Lopez

The first time that I saw Seatwarehaus' products, I was impressed with the high quality finish and the designs and no doubt my mind was set that I want to have mine done here. The designer not only gives good advice and support, considering our needs and usage and is also fast in response and has establish a good rapport with us. Any requests, be it email or sms and however small were always attended to immediately. In particular, I would like to place on record that when I requested for help to do a touch-up on one of my dining chairs which was delivered more than 4 months ago and was chewed by my new pup recently was promptly attended to. Results speak for themselves and I’m sure that the company will achieve greater success and a fulfilling purpose of delivering unmatched services to their clients. Kudos to all at Seatwarehaus.

Janet Lopez

Seatware Haus Testimonials Muriel

We received our sofa back and we are very happy with the results! I recommended Seatwarehaus to my sister in law, who customized something with them too!


Seatware Haus Testimonials Sharon Ngiam

We are very happy with the chairs It all fits into the colour scheme of the place – whites, black, woods, greens. All in all muted but cosy. So happy to have found Seatwarehaus!


Seatware Haus Testimonials Jess

The cushions are really lovely. Very nice designs with good materials. The actual cushions look even better than the pictures. The whole process was a delightful one.


Seatware Haus Testimonials Sherry Kang

The sofa designs are unique and creative. The ability to custom made sofas and bay window seats have no boundaries and the designer can design sofas to suit any environment or any culture be it in homes, hotels, offices etc. It is a great idea to input Ergonomics such as human scale into the designs as well. (Which fits the human posture and spine, and help to relieve backache etc). Keep up the good work Seatware Haus!

Sherry Kang

Seatware Haus Testimonials Cheryl

My baby had been turning 360 degrees round while he is asleep. Placing him on a floor mattress does not solve the problem, as he still rolls off the mattress & on to the floor. I had been using bolsters (which rolls off) and I even lay quilts on the floor just to prevent him from getting bumped. Finally, things got neater for me when I have a customized cushion bumper for him. As it is made to order, this cushion can even double up as a soft bench beside my sofa during baby’s non-sleep hours. I was also able to select the colour & texture of the bench. Seatware Haus was really a one stop solution for me. Didn’t know that apart from making sofa(s), they could virtually manufacture anything that involves foam & upholstery. Of course which includes this bumper idea that comes to my mind!


Seatware Haus Testimonials Stephanie

I’m glad to know Seatwarehaus – a place where all the rare and unique stuff begin. I have been searching all this while for someone who can do something uncommon – finally found the right place! Singapore should have more companies like this.


Seatware Haus Testimonials Germaine

So happy with what I customized with Seatwarehaus that I passed their contact to my contractor too. She likes the workmanship of the bed 🙂


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